Smart Buildings & IoT

ABEC draws upon many years of buildings and controls experience as we lead the development of Analytical software and smart platforms.

Our smart buildings software platform - ABEC AnalytiX was built as a response to the growing demand for building energy management services. We have long been involved in optimising a BMS and want to have the software to harness savings and prevent decay.

ABEC AnalytiX provides energy management and automated Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) with our Iconic’s based software, It empowers you to optimize your building’s performance, reduce energy consumption, and improve occupant comfort.

With the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) we have made sure our software platform acts as a middleware platform for true IoT expansion. We turn data into actionable business intelligence through easy-to-use automation software. We visualise, analyse and mobilise real-time information for any application and on any device.

Our unique experience means that we have an implicit understanding of the technology that controls buildings, as well as an understanding of the practicalities of maintaining them. ABEC AnalytiX ensures that you receive a solution that delivers genuine energy and time savings.

Overview of services

  • Building & HVAC AnalytiX -FDD
  • SMART Space analysis
  • Smart Energy Analytics
  • SMART cleaning rotas
  • SMART Water management – Legionella checks
  • SMART Waste disposal
  • SMART lighting – emergency lighting checks
  • SMART filter changes
  • SMART Occupancy
  • SMART Signage
  • SMART Vehicle
  • SMART Bike store