At ABEC we install a variety of different BEMS, Analytics and IoT solutions and deliver a full service installation. Controls are pivotal to building performance and the insights acquired in the early design, install and commissioning stages can be deployed effectively through handover and into the operation and maintenance phases of the building.

The Projects Division of ABEC provides mechanical and electrical consultants, contractors, facility management organisations, and end users with the ability to deliver these outcomes and meet high level BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) ratings and Part L legislation. Our control systems meet the most demanding specifications and ensure the smooth transition of complex projects from inception through to final completion.

Overview of services

  • Design and consultancy
  • Value engineering
  • Project management
  • MCC and control panel manufacturing
  • Electrical installation and testing
  • Software design
  • Integration to 3rd Party Systems
  • Web based front end graphics
  • System commissioning
  • Operation and maintenance manuals
  • Soft Landing approach

Diverse experience

We deliver BEMS Projects ranging from £5,000 to £5,000,000 for a diverse customer base across a number of market sectors.  Please visit our case studies to read about our latest projects.

Customer service

Customer service is at the forefront of our approach to our project work and we maintain flexibility onsite to adapt to the project needs – we understand specifications change and we react accordingly.

Cost effective solutions

When pricing our project works we will provide you with alternative solutions to make the project more cost effective – our clients find this very useful when savings and alternative solutions are required. We adopt a consultative approach to all project quotations, ensuring that we understand the project and provide our expert advice on it, ensuring you are receiving the best advice at design stage.

Structured operational teams

Our operational teams are structured in a regional manner; ensuring that your projects are delivered from one of regional office locations, employing staff located in those regions to ensure a quick and reliable response.