Ongoing changes in the way a building is used will have a major impact on the efficient functionality of its BEMS system. Therefore an ongoing and efficient maintenance regime is essential for the control of your building services such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, whilst achieving optimum environmental conditions and reduced energy costs. With 60-80% of a building’s energy consumption managed via the BEMS, it is vital to ensure that it is maintained for best performance.

The Maintenance Division of ABEC provides continued system efficiency and an ongoing support service with regular scheduled maintenance visits tailored to meet your needs. Planned maintenance combined with a prompt reactive service provides year-round peace of mind.

Overview of services

  • Planned and reactive maintenance services
  • Remote maintenance services
  • BMS Analytics
  • Energy based support
  • System data back ups
  • 24/7 help desk facility
  • ​24/7 on and off-site response
  • 24/7 BEMS alarm monitoring
  • Multi system support
  • Critical spares and stock management
  • ​Technical support and training

Flexibility of approach

We work in partnership with our customers developing ‘best fit’ packages that find the best solution at the right price. Our packages offer our clients complete transparency and provide options to find the best mix of services for a given building.

When asked to provide a maintenance quote we always offer alternative solutions to provide our clients with a choice and cost reduction opportunity.

Cost effective solutions

We understand that most clients are looking for optimum performance from their BEMS to be delivered in a cost effective way. Our packaged approach achieves this by finding best fit for the client, with solutions ranging from low cost remote services (great for newly installed systems) to permanently manned sites for organisations that have a larger building stock. 

We take a proactive approach to pricing by providing fully costed alternatives to your requested specification, highlighting savings where they can be achieved.


We understand the need to support our clients in multiple regions, and have established our engineering base across England and Wales to meet this need.

We offer a four hour on-site response option for all of our packages, which is supported by our 24/7 remote service, operated through our Technical Support Centre (TSC).


Through efficient maintenance planning and the computer-aided scheduling of our experienced engineers, we deliver a professional and reliable service.

We take pride in our proactive approach to maintenance reporting, ensuring that our customers receive details of works, findings and recommendations within 24 hours of site attendance.

Regular client contract meetings are held to discuss ongoing maintenance regimes, energy reduction, system improvements and future works and projects.