After people and property, energy is the single largest cost to an organisation. Managers of all commercial or public buildings must focus on energy management; driven by new legislation, a commitment to carbon reduction or the need to reduce energy costs.

The Energy Division of ABEC takes a holistic approach to a building's energy use. Our energy management services combined with core BEMS and HVAC controls expertise enables us to monitor, control, and reduce your energy consumption. According to CIBSE, the upgrading and management of building controls is often the single biggest improvement that can be made to the energy efficiency of a building.

Overview of services

  • FREE energy healthchecks
  • Energy Surveys
  • Energy Support Contract
  • Energy Efficiency and Reduction Projects
  • Metering
  • AM&T
  • 24/7 energy management
  • Setup of energy profiles and exception reporting
  • Legislation Compliance and QA Advice
  • AC Inspections
  • DECs and EPCs
  • Energy Management and Technical Resource
  • Energy Strategy Consultancy


Our Energy Division has a dedicated team of energy specialists offering complete energy solutions. Our staff are experienced in providing tangible and proactive solutions, ensuring that we provide well researched saving advice.

The ABEC energy team will provide the consultation, management, technical support, and BEMS engineering capability to implement your energy management and reduction strategies. By employing Energy Institute TEMOL trained staff we ensure you have the best advice to hand.



Continuous monitoring of energy consumption, targeting energy profiles, and responding to profile expectations are central to the ongoing control of energy consumption within a building.

At ABEC we offer a complete aM&T software service, accessed securely through the web. The software is easy to use with easy to use and powerful reports highlighting energy consumption. Energy profiles are established to generate exception reports and alarms where there are deviations in energy usage. The software provides a truly holistic view of usage across your building(s), in order to identify significant energy savings, and carbon reduction opportunities.


Our energy services usually start with a free desktop energy health check which will benchmark your current energy spend with regional data. A full energy survey is the next step which provides a comprehensive report highlighting our findings and giving you a full report on all savings available, complete with ROI and payback data. We then meet with all stakeholders to prioritise energy saving work recommended by our report, and giving you a clear program of works leading to your energy saving.

Most of our reports are able to recommend no cost/low cost solutions, giving you the freedom to make energy savings with no need to make a capital investment.


The laws and incentives for businesses’ regarding energy use are ever changing. At ABEC, we pride ourselves on connecting ourselves with a multitude of experts to ensure we run best support and advise our clients.